​​​​​​Welcome to Phoenix Fitness. It is our mission to help you transform your body--one workout at a time--so you can rise from the ashes of your former self and emerge a new, stronger, more confident and energetic version of you. 

Why Phoenix Fitness? The phoenix was a mythical bird that was recast in the fires of life and reborn from its own ashes. It has long been presented as a symbol of renewal. We here at Phoenix Fitness believe that we all can be reborn; your health is our priority, and we believe that--like the phoenix--you can improve your life and shape your future by casting aside your unwanted shell and becoming the person you really want to be. 

Our trainers and group exercise classes can be geared to help you with any and all of your fitness goals. With our fun, motivating programs we will help you learn correct form, prevent and recover from injuries, and break free from bad fitness habits--all while building a healthier new lifestyle.