Training Philosophy

Personal Training

Mind and Body - Many of us sign up to a gym to improve our physical health. Phoenix Fitness takes training to a new level. We understand that to improve your physical health, you must also improve your mental wellbeing, paying special attention to the interrelationship between the two. Learning to focus on your internal and external equilibrium will allow you to create a more complete and balanced body.   Phoenix Fitness’s holistic approach to training teaches you how to better understand this connection between the psychological and physical aspects of training. We will help you garner greater self-awareness to balance the internal and external aspects of healthy living.

High Octane and Adrenaline
- Phoenix Fitness trainers know that feeling energized--or for some, re-energized--is one of the most important reasons to exercise. Our dynamic instructors understand the need to meld all the components of fitness into a set of exercises that will motivate you to achieve your fitness goals...from beginner to hard-core competitor.   We appreciate high octane training and the reward that comes with it; but we similarly place importance on the technical side of training to ensure the boost of adrenaline you seek is achieved using proper form and correct technique.

Corrective and Functional - If you are suffering from physical pain or are struggling to improve your physical performance, then our corrective and functional exercise specialists can help you.  We have corrective and functional exercise programs that will help clients and athletes prevent injuries, reduce movement deficiencies, and improve muscle imbalances. We can help you maximize results by creating safe, individualized training programs that identify dysfunctions; from there, we will develop a plan of action and implement corrective exercise solutions.

Mind and body

Corrective and Functional

High Octane and Adrenaline 

​​A highly qualified Phoenix Fitness trainer will design and implement a personalized exercise program that is guaranteed to get you results. Working in a collaborative environment, we are proud of our trainers' experience and fortunate to have a team that is made up of very uniquely trained and qualified industry professionals. We will compound this knowledge and experience to build you a program that fosters results based on your needs. 

Paramount to our training philosophy is making your experience fun and engaging; while you enjoy your workout, we keep a watchful eye on ensuring your specific goals are met. 

Our custom designed programs center around three fundamental foundation blocks: energy, holistic health and corrective/functional training. We use aspects of each of these blocks to develop a program that will help you work to the level that both satisfies your body and improves your mind. Once you get started, you will never want to stop getting fitter and healthier.