Adrenaline: Friday 10:00 AM

Get you heart beating from the get go. This cardio class will leave you gasping for air and coming back for more. Much like a sports conditioning class, ADRENALINE will help you be in the best shape for all your daily activity. Bring your A game and be ready to sweat.

*RSVP with instructor Stephen Kidd​ 

​​​Well Mom LLC:

​Mondays: 930-1030 AM & 1030-1130 AM (2/24-5/11, NO CLASS 4/6 or 4/13)

Wednesdays: 5-6 PM (2/12-5/6, NO CLASS 4/8)

Thursdays: 1045-1145 AM & 1145-1245 PM ​(2/13-5/7, NO CLASS 4/9)

“Mom Camp” is WellMom’s unique small group training and nutrition class specifically for moms.  You will burn fat and build muscle through metabolic circuit training.  Fat loss nutrition coaching is also available for those who desire it. 

*RSVP with Instructor Christine Bhutta​ 



Power Sculpt: Wednesday 10:00 AM

Try an hour of strength training mixed with fun and challenging cardio intervals. Built strength and shred fat. Power Sculpt classes runs the same workout for 3 consecutive weeks, building off the prior week. A variety of equipment is used for this high-energy class.

*RSVP with instructor Stephen Kidd​ 

Tabata: ​Tuesday 9:30 AM 

This high intensity interval training suits individuals of all shapes and sizes. It’s 8 exercises of 8 sets 20sec on and 10sec rest. The goal is to spike your heart rate and bring it back down for 40mins. This is a fun, high energy, high impact class. After the end of every Tabata class at Phoenix there is 15mins of abdominal sculpting exercises and stretching.

*RSVP with instructor Stephen Kidd​