Sharney Wiringi - Co-Owner and Trainer
Elite Personal Trainer N.A.S.M
Diploma in Sporting Performance, Concentration in Performance Training & Biomechanics - Otago Institute of Sport 
B.A. and 1st Class Honors Degree - Victoria University Wellington 
G.D.T.C.S.C. Graduate Diploma in Teaching - Wellington College of Education, Victoria University

Over 15 years experience As an elite personal trainer in New Zealand, England, and the United States, Sharney has developed a knowledge based on the fundamental principles of sports science. This foundation includes an in-depth understanding of functional kinesiology, exercise physiology, functional anatomy and biomechanics. He has honed his deep understanding of the body to develop personalized programs for each of his clients, helping each one reach his/her goals quickly and effectively. 
Studying at New Zealand's premier Otago Institute of Sport, Sharney was one of 30 students selected from thousands of applicants throughout the country. He designed and implemented aerobic, weight and hydrotherapy programs both in and out of the water; developed practical and functional programs for the disabled; rehabilitated national athletes; and fine tuned his knowledge of the fundamentals of health. 
Over the last fifteen years, he has learned that maintaining a strong, athletic, lean body not only keeps you healthy, but also empowers you.

He is not a trainer that simply spouts out commands. Sharney believes it is critical that you understand why you are making each movement and how--when done correctly--it will benefit your physique and build your strength. He is dedicated to creating healthy fitness regimes for his clients that give them self-work and confidence to take full control of their lives. 

For more information on training with Sharney, contact him at​

Stephen Kidd - Co-Owner and Trainer
Elite Personal Trainer - A.F.A.A. and N.S.C.A.

Group Exercise - N.E.T.A.
B.S. in Health Promotion - Lynchburg College (VAHPERD Outstanding Health Promotion Major 2006)
Over 12+ years experience

Formerly from Charlottesville, Virginia, Stephen has been a trainer in the D.C. Metro area since 2007. He was a 4-year member of the Lynchburg College Hornets indoor and outdoor track team, and participated in shot put, discus, javelin, hammer, the 35lbs-weight throw, and the 60m high hurdles.

Stephen strives to motivate and help his clients improve their physical fitness and achieve their goals. He runs a tough, fast paced, high intensity workout to maximize both time and physical abilities. Each workout is different; it is his goal to encourage muscle confusion and prevent a physical plateau in a fun, motivating environment. Stephen can gear your workout to achieve a range of goals, including strength training, weight loss, speed, flexibility and toning. Stephen also will come to your home for personal training. If you have interest in outdoor boot camps, check him out at  

 For more information on training with Stephen, contact him at​

Remy Kim – Co-Owner and Trainer
Elite Personal Trainer N.A.S.M.

BS in Kinesiology from the College of William and Mary 1997
Over 20+ years experience

Remy began his career in the health and fitness industry as a student athletic trainer at the College of William and Mary. While there, he authored a research paper entitled, “Plasma Lactate Response To Maximal Exercise Demonstrates Biorhythmic Sensitivity” published in the journal, Medicine and Science In Sports and Exercise. He then began work at Sibley Memorial Hospital as a physical therapy assistant. Having worked with physical therapists and athletic trainers, Remy is able to incorporate many orthopedic rehabilitation exercises as well as injury prevention philosophy into his training protocols.  His Kinesiology background supports a “whole body” ideology. Remy integrates a sport specific training, high intensity circuit training, weight loss, and general conditioning into his training style. Remy gets his biggest satisfaction from seeing clients get results, meet their goals and make a healthy lifestyle change. “Fitness is not a temporary commitment, but a lifetime commitment.”

Aside from working with clients, Remy also enjoys hobbies such as cycling, playing volleyball, basketball, running, hiking and all things active.

For more information on training with Remy, contact him at​​

Phil- Certified Personal Trainer
BS Kinesiology, concentration in Exercise Leadership, James Madison University Class of 2006
Coursework including: Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics, Nutrition, Theories of Weight Loss Management, Exercise Prescription and Testing, and Exercise Program Design
CPR and AED Certified
Former Intern with James Madison University’s Strength and Conditioning Program
Over 10 years of experience

Phil has worked with a broad range of populations, from children to older adults, acting as a personal trainer, coach and leader. His education and experience makes him capable of developing individualized programs to meet a variety of needs, from improved athletic performance to improved quality of life.Having been involved in athletics and fitness his whole life, and armed with a decade of hands-on industry experience, Phil has an established wellness philosophy based upon balanced approach and commitment to healthy living.“I will challenge you to move beyond your perceived limitations and establish new ambitions. As a team, you and I will break down barriers and achieve your fitness potential.No matter what your needs are, I can help you find a program that suits your needs and lifestyle, and can help you implement changes for your life!”

Raj- Certified Personal Trainer

Weight Loss (NASM)
Corrective Rehab Specialists (NASM)
MMA Conditioning Specialist (NASM)
Injury Prevention Specialist (AFAA)
SEAM Massage and Stretch (NOVA)
Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach (Paul Chek Institute)
Black Belt Tae Kwan Do

Raj is a certified personal trainer that can help you accomplish your goals. His passions for fitness and martial arts started when he served as a Gurkha for the Nepalese Army for 6 years. Raj moved to the United States after and acquired the knowledge and skills required to put himself at the forefront of the professional fitness industry. Raj designs programs based on a client’s individual physical assessment, background, and goals to ensure every workout is effective, rewarding, and enjoyable. He works with a wide variety of clients, including children, athletes, professionals, and senior citizens. I also specialize in assisting clients who have contact and non-contact injuries, chronic health conditions, and physical limitations.The personal training experience that he delivers is focused on care, discipline, and intensity. He firmly believes that there are no quick fixes, miracle creams, wonder diets, or magic pills. Goals are achieved through hard work, dedication, and guided fitness.

Heather - Certified Personal Trainer

ACE: Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Running Coach
American Red Cross: CPR/AED Certified
Functional Movement Screen Certification
Boston Marathon Finisher

Heather is an avid runner. Running is a passion that has led her to a more healthful lifestyle-strengthening her physically, mentally, and emotionally. It has influenced her to branch out and embrace yoga, strength training, and mindful nutrition to further her goals. The joy and lessons learned from running for 20 plus years (competitively for 9+ years) are what drive her to help others with fitness, weight management, and healthful living. She has a true gift for pushing clients and helping them to reach their fullest potential. Heather is currently training for her Kettlebell level I certification.

April - Certified Personal Trainer

Bachelor of Science in Psychology, University of Maryland University College (UMUC), 1999
Professional Certifications (partial list)
Diploma in Personal Training, National Personal Trainer Institute (NPTI), 500 hours
Certified Nutrition Consultant (NPTI), 100 hours
Lifelong Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
Diploma in Sports Nutrition & Diploma in Diet & Weight Management, Shaw Academy
NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT), Certified Level 1 and Level 2
Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES), NASM
Weight Loss Specialist (WLS), NASM
Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS), NASM
Senior Fitness Specialist (SFS), NASM
Trigger Point Performance Therapy (TPT)
Fascial Movement Taping (FMT), Rock tape
Specialties: Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation (surgical, musculoskeletal, cardiac, gastrointestinal), Functional Movement, Neuromuscular Re-education, NKT, Senior Fitness, Posture, Balance, Stress Reduction, Nutrition, Competitive Powerlifting
Medical Experience: Chiropractic Assistant and Surgical Prep and Administration.

April specializes in bridging the gap between medicine, fitness and nutrition through science-based education for overall improvement of health, well-being and longevity. Focus on strength training, corrective exercise, cognitive and motor improvement, nutrition, posture, balance, breathing, disease-prevention and health coaching. Enjoy simple solutions for long-term results!

Wayne- Certified Personal Trainer
NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer
CPR and AED certified
NASM Women’s Fitness Specialization
Function Movement Screen Level 1
American Heart Association CPR/AED
Former NCAA Basketball Player

Workout with Wayne heart rate training is 40 minutes of client appropriate intensity. All clients are provided with a Polar heart rate monitor and are able to see their heart rate and total calories burned in real time. The average person has a difficult time pushing themselves hard enough and some trainers push their clients too hard. The Polar technology allows for the perfect work to rest ratio throughout the 40 minute session.

No workout is the same. Clients are put through a well-balanced workout consisting of resistance training and cardiovascular conditioning. A variety of exercises using dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX, and more push each client to new levels of fitness.

All levels of fitness are welcome. My workouts are tailored for body fat reduction, building lean muscle, and improving stamina. Workout with Wayne is perfect for anybody ready to start an effective and efficient fitness program.

My 4 pillars of fitness are Nutrition, Intensity, Consistency, and Efficiency – N.I.C.E. By applying these core principals every client is put in position to reach their fitness goals.  All clients are coached in proper nutrition, healthy eating habits, and receive a personalized flexible nutrition plan.  Learning how to properly fuel the body is just as important as learning how to burn the fuel.

Sandy - Certified Personal Trainer

NASM –Certified Personal Trainer
ACE-Group Exercise Certification
CPR, AED and First Aid Certified
BS degree in Business from James Madison University
Over 12 years of experience in the fitness industry

Sandy brings a lifetime of passion for exercise and fitness with her to the gym every day.  She started her career teaching exercise classes and after a year decided to become a personal trainer.  As a personal trainer she is able to work with the specific needs of her clients.  Her clients span in age from 13 to 89, including all body types and personal fitness goals.  She trains those wanting to trim and tone to the client recovering from an injury or major surgery. Sandy has learned many techniques in stretching and muscle release to help increase flexibility and range of motion for her clients.

Several years ago, Sandy made a DVD for NIH and the National Institute on Aging demonstrating and providing guidelines for senior adults. When Sandy is not at the gym, you will most likely find her hiking, biking, sailing or skiing.  Her motto is, “Training is not just about exercise, it is a lifestyle.”  First you may exercise so you can hike, then you hike so you can exercise.  So jump on board and let the fun begin!

Jason- Certified Personal Trainer

Elite Personal Trainer
20 + years of experience
National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
CPR/AED Certified
Specialties: Weight Loss
Certified medical technician

A native to Northern Virginia, Jason has been a personal trainer for nearly 20 years. Before he entered the fitness profession, he built a solid foundation and knowledge of fitness and weight training in his own life. Recognizing his passion for fitness and maintaining a healthier lifestyle, Jason stepped into a personal training career. Jason has worked with a range of clients and has shared hundreds of successful journeys. From the teen aiming to build confidence through fitness to the bride preparing for her wedding to the new mom or dad challenged with efficient workouts and parenting to the individual seeking a life-changing weight loss to the person who just wants to “get in shape,” Jason has worked with all ages and all fitness levels.

A key principle to Jason’s training is recognizing that each client is different – goals, views on life balance, motivations, and definitions for what is “fun” in the gym. He works with each of his clients to personalize a workout that will help reach their individual goals ... and he is a partner on the journey. Jason frequently tells his clients, “Everyone needs to find the balance between achieving their goals and enjoying their life. At the end of the day, we need to find what works best for you!”

While Jason pushes for hard work and commitment from his clients, he also aims to have a little fun along the way. In addition to his ongoing training certifications, Jason has supplemented his knowledge and skills with an emergency medical technician certification and worked as a medical technician in both the emergency room and pediatrics department at a local hospital. When he is not in the gym, Jason enjoys time with his family and loves to travel and scuba dive.

Andy- Certified Personal Trainer
TRX Certified
Kettlebell Certified 
Corrective Exercise Specialist 
Injury Prevention Specialist 
Pre/Post Pregnancy Specialist  
Elderly Training Specialist 
Teen Training Specialist 

Born and raised in Chicago, Andy has maintained an active lifestyle for the past ten years. His biggest motivation for staying healthy stems from his own personal experience. For years, Andy lived an unhealthy lifestyle with zero exercise and bad heating habits.  Eventually he began to realize that these habits were taking a toll on his body and well-being.  He lacked confidence; he was depressed and overall unhappy with his life.  Because of this, he sought to turn his life around by becoming more involved in sports. He started playing tennis, football, track, basketball and bodybuilding in his later years.

Having been a regional area manager of General Nutrition Center (GNC) for many years, Andy has an immense knowledge of diet and nutrition.  He understands that everyone has individual needs and that what may work for one person may not necessarily work for another.  He also brought this sense of individual attention to Sport & Health, where he was a dedicated personal trainer to each of his clients.  Andy is adept at listening to his clients and ensuring that their training sessions are customized to meet their unique goals.  Whether it is to build long-lasting muscle mass, shed a few stubborn pounds, or just to maintain a healthy routine while recovering from an injury, Andy will help and motivate you to achieve a new and improved lifestyle!

Andy has helped more than 100 clients reach their fitness goals since he began Andy Shin Fitness 3 years ago. Andy continues to educate himself and strive for perfection. In the 7 years he has been in the industry, Andy has had experience with clients from all walks of life.  Whether you are young, elderly, injured, or training for specific life events (i.e. weddings, pregnancies), Andy will always keep you accountable no matter the goals!

Chris B.- Certified Personal Trainer
NCCPT Certified
Registered Yoga Teacher
Specialties: In Pre & Postnatal fitness
Nutrition Coach

Chris Bhutta is owner of WellMom, a pre- and postnatal fitness company that offers fitness and nutrition services for moms and moms-to-be.  Services include 1:1 and small group personal training, private and small group yoga, distance training, and nutrition coaching.  Chris is a certified personal trainer through NCCPT with a specialty certification in pre- and postnatal fitness through Fit for Birth.  She is also a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) with Yoga Alliance, as well as a Metabolic Effect certified nutrition coach.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle took on renewed importance when Chris became pregnant with her first daughter in 2012.  She exercised regularly throughout pregnancy (she even taught a spin class the day before she delivered!) and ate a healthy diet.  She believes these two things contributed to a positive pregnancy experience and a swift postpartum recovery.  Chris now hopes to help other moms have a similar experience

Alex- Certified Personal Trainer
NPTI Certified
Kettlebell Certified
Specialties: Weight loss and Strength Training
Over 3+ years’ experience

Fitness changed my life and allowed me to transform my body from a heavy 220lbs to a lean 160. I was overweight my entire life so for several months I got serious about my diet and worked hard to transform my body. I went through 2 transformations. One was to see if I get abs and the second one was to see how lean I can get while preserving as much muscle as possible.  After all the hard work and success, I wanted to help other people and decided to get my personal training certification at NPTI. I've always had a love for fitness and what better way to express that passion than to help other people achieve their goals.

My goal at the moment is to win a pro card in IFBB but that is obviously way down the road. I graduated from NPTI (National Personal Training Institution) where I received a certification in personal training and also nutrition.

Ernest - Certified Personal Trainer
BS Health Education (UDC)
AFPA (Special Populations)
CPR/AED American Heart Association
Over 10+ Years Experience

Master Trainer, A Native of Washington, DC, Ernest has over 10 years of experience and maintains a lengthy fitness and athletic career. As a young person, he played football, basketball, and boxed in local leagues. Those initial experiences created a genuine interest in exercising, strength training, and increased nutritional education. His academic profile includes a Bachelor's of Science Degree at the University of District Columbia in the Health Education.

Ernest’s fitness philosophy is based on five components of fitness cardiorespiratory stamina, muscular strength, muscular stamina, body composition, and flexibility. Ernest’s tailors each workout according to each individual's subjective personal data and goal setting. Ernest has several fitness certifications and his specialties include weight loss, performance, and wellness coaching.

Ernest feels that because every individual is different and every workout should be as well by using multiple modes of training and technique’s like TRX (Suspension Training), Kettle bells, athletic performance equipment, and more… which makes for a FUN and rewarding experience, Lets WORK!

Joel- Certified Personal Trainer
NASM  Certified
NCCPT Certified
Over 7+ Years Experience
CPR/AED American Heart Association
Specialties: Kettlebells, TRX, myo-fascial release, core conditioning, & fitness nutrition

Joel has been training in the Arlington area for the last 3 years. He is nationally certified by both NASM and NCCPT, while holding specialty certifications in the use of kettlebells, TRX, myo-fascial release, core conditioning, and fitness nutrition. He has used the knowledge from these certifications to develop training regimens and programming to help clients achieve goals ranging from weight loss to muscle development and even athletic performance. Regardless of goal set, proper mobility and balance are at the heart of any program that will be developed for you.

Each client is given a free evaluation and then given recommendations on how to proceed regarding how often to exercise, intensity of training and nutrition to maximize the efficiency of any exercise program. Every client is treated as a unique case with individual goals and needs considered as he or she progresses through the stages of their personalized training program. Individual sessions can be done at either 30, 45, or 60 minute intervals and there are options for training with a partner as well.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, pack on muscle, or increase overall fitness, Joel has the experience and knowledge to help you make the changes in your exercise and lifestyle to accomplish it!

Drew - Certified Personal Trainer
NASM  Certified
Over  4+ years of experience
Specialities: Mobility & Strength
CPR/AED American Heart Association

Drew is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). With an extensive knowledge of exercise and training techniques from a lifetime of sports and fitness, he has helped many people reach their personal goals and discover their individual potential. After an extended enlistment in the Marine Corps (2005-2010) as an Infantry Assault Marine and a Marine Scout Sniper, he developed feet, knee, back and shoulder issues (including serratus anterior palsy/winging scapula). Through assessment and corrective exercise, he was able to restore the range of motion in his arm, and eliminate all chronic pain. Drew’s focus on mobility, strength and conditioning has elicited his love of barbells, kettlebells, swimming, cycling, running, calisthenics, and lots of stretching. Oh, chains and bands too.

Michelle – Certified Personal Trainer/Nutrition Counselor
M.S. Exercise Physiology, concentration in exercise prescription, strength and conditioning, nutrition and weight loss management
National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer
National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Women’s Fitness Specialist
American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Health/Fitness Instructor Certified
Fitness Resource Associates (FRA) Personal Training/Fitness Counselor certified
CPR and AED Certified
18+ years of experience

Michelle Blake has been working in the fitness industry as a Personal Trainer, Fitness Counselor, Group Fitness Instructor and Nutritional Coach since 1999. As a former collegiate soccer player and coach, she developed a lifelong passion for fitness.  She completed her Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology while assistant coaching the women’s soccer teams at Lehigh and East Stroudsburg University as well as implementing their strength and conditioning programs. Following graduate school, Michelle apprenticed at a cardiac rehab facility working with special populations, post-rehab patients, doctors and physical therapists in a team environment. Since moving to Northern, VA in 2002 Michelle has worked as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, strength and conditioning coach and nutritional counselor all over Northern VA and Washington DC. She has trained a broad range of clients from competitive athletes, to pre and postpartum mothers, post-rehabilitation clients and more. Michelle enjoys working with people of ALL ages, experiences and backgrounds.

As a mother of four, Michelle also specializes in exercise during and after pregnancy and taking off those extra postpartum pounds. Michelle offers group and individualized personal training sessions, nutritional counseling and dynamic exercise sessions in a safe environment.  Her coaching style is exciting, fun, and challenging while accommodating all fitness levels.

Chris N. - Certified Personal Trainer
Diploma in Personal Training, National Personal Trainer Institute (NPTI), 500 hours
Certified Nutrition Consultant (NPTI), 100 hours
Suspension Trainer Certified (NPTI)
CPR/AED Certified
6+ Years of Experience

Born and raised in Arlington, VA, Chris has over six years of experience in the fitness industry.  Having worked with a broad population of clients, Chris’ experience makes him the ideal trainer for clients looking to set a new PR (Personal Record) to someone looking to improve their quality of life.

In addition to working one on one with clients Chris specializes in semi-private sessions as well as small group training.  He understands that accountability often comes easier through partnership and that there is #StrengthInNumbers.

Chris’ ultimate goal is not only to exceed his clients’ expectations, but to create a welcoming and encouraging environment.  And for his clients to leave each session with a sense of accomplishment and a desire to keep improving.

In his free time, Chris can be found at the dog park with his 5lb Chihuahua or on the couch watching Netflix with his girlfriend… and his Chihuahua.

Mike - Certified Personal Trainer
National Sports Association Certified by John Philbin
National Federation of Professional Trainers CPR/AED Certified
Specialities: Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation for the elderly
Past Experience: Professional body building, physical therapy at Skyline Clinic, & Rehabilitation with Dr. Moses
27+ Years of Experience

Originally from Boston Massachusetts, Mike has over 27 years of experience with personal training. With his dual citizenship with Israel, Mike served in 202 Tzanchanim unit of the IDF. His travels around the world give Mike a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Pursuits outside the fitness arena, include as a founding member of Rolling Thunder Maryland Chapter One as well as the personal security of the Founder/Director of Rolling Thunder National, Artie Muller.

His ultimate goal and life dedication is to further wellness for all his clients and the satisfaction he receives in helping others. He aims to specialize in rehabilitation work, flexibility, strength training, and endurance. At 61 years old, Mike understands first hand the differences and concerns of training an older clientele. Mike promotes healthy lifestyle changes, thus the average client has been with Mike for 15 + years. His pursuit is to always improve your quality of life!

Said - Certified Personal Trainer

TRX total Body Resistance Training Exercise
TRX  Group Exercise Instructor
Nutrition Specialist Certification
NATIONAL MASSAGE THERAPY INSTITUTE- Graduated as a Massage Therapist
17 + years of experience

Said is a fun loving guy, whose family is the utmost  important. He loves soccer and physical fitness.In his current role as fitness trainer at phoenix fitness, he enjoy pushing clients to be their best by setting an example in his own personal fitness. He believes in “practicing what I preach. I am here to motivate, innovate and appreciate.” From 17 years of experience he has learned that health and well being are at the foundation of everything we do. It takes personal integrity,discipline and dedication to stick with a healthy lifestyle. He believes there are absolutely no limits but the ones we place on ourselves. Reaching our fitness goals affects all areas of our lives. Movement is change. change is life. movement changes life.

Quinton- Certified Personal Trainer 

AED/CPR Certified
8+ years of experience
Specialties: Sports/ Athletic Training & Boxing

Que is obsessed with chasing the best form of himself.  Both in and out of personal training he is a positive person with drive and focus.  This drive pushes him to expand his knowledge to better serve clients and accomplish goals.  As a former collegiate football athlete, who has struggled in the past with making conscious health choices; he understand both the need for competition and the effort it takes to make lifelong health changes.  Que is dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle and enjoys sharing that knowledge with clients. He adamantly believe fitness should be fun and challenging, not boring and unfulfilling.

“Every person deserves to feel confident about their appearance and take control of their health.  I look forward to embarking on this fitness journey with you!”

Brian– Certified Personal Trainer
NSAC: Certified Strength and Conditioning Trainer
NFPT: Certified Professional Trainer
RTS1, 2, 3: Certified Resistance Training Specialist 
Certified Nutrition Consultant 
CPR and First-Aid Certified
Breathing Coach
Course Studies: Nutrition, Physiology, Anatomy, Egoscue Method, Breathing Techniques 
22+ years of experience 
Attended St. Francis College, PA

Brian dedicate nearly half of his life to fitness and achieving a healthy lifestyle when one day his dedication and passion for this lifestyle was tested. Diagnosed with sarcoidosis, a chronic illness affecting the heart, Brian received a heart transplant in 2005. During recovery, his studies in human anatomy, fitness, nutrition, and movement was put into practice and served as his motivation to persevere. Though the road to recovery was long and challenging, his 20+years as a personal trainer at Thomas Jefferson Parks and Recreation Center in Arlington, Virginia prepared him for his toughest fight.   

Brian’s core beliefs around fitness emanated from his foundational training under the Egoscue Method as well as his study of human anatomy and physiology. As one who models what he teaches, Brian strives to incorporate a plan for each client that addresses balance, breathing, flexibility, motion, posture and strength. He understands that addressing posture imbalances could eliminate most chronic pain and improve functional motion. Equally as important is incorporating proper breathing techniques, which is the foundation of all activity. The combination of proper breathing techniques with functional motion and strength training has profound effects on improving one’s balance, flexibility, posture, mental clarity, and overall health. 

Brian believes in tailoring all fitness programs to address each client’s unique anatomy of motion, while balancing both mind and body. So while each client’s goal may be different, what never changes is Brian’s passion and determination to help everyone that crosses his path improve their quality of life.

Dylan- Certified Personal Trainer 

B.S. Kinesiology (Indiana University)
CPR and First-Aid Certified

Specialties: Boxing, Mobility/ Flexibility and overall Fitness 
Over 10+ years of experience 

As a Fitness Specialist, Dylan focuses on holistic development of the body, balancing strength, mobility and body awareness. Movement quality (form) and continuous, incremental progress are the cornerstone of Dylan’s programming as he believes “a pyramid is only as tall as it’s base.” He works especially well with clients who seek to understand the “why” behind what we do. Dylan’s goal is to make you not need him. His specialties include mobility/flexibility, living with less pain (sciatica, general tightness), absolute strength and general total fitness.

​Aryan- Certified Personal Trainer

NCSF Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist 
NCSF Certified Strength Coach
NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist 
TRX Functional Training Qualified Instructor 

AED/CPR Certified 

2+ year of Experience 

As an experienced trainer, Aryan has worked with a diverse range of clientele, spanning from college athletes whose goals focus on increased agility and explosiveness, to senior adults with a variety of movement impairments due to surgery/disease. He takes a collaborative approach when developing fitness plans, working with clients and their inputs directly to create reliable, easy-to-follow guides that are carefully tailored to each individual. By focusing on creating a solid foundation of movement and addressing imbalances through corrective exercise, Aryan has been able to help his clients lose weight, improve mobility, build strength, and regain comfort in their day-to-day lives. Taking the time to explain the science behind the movement is an integral part of Aryan’s training, as he believes knowing "the why" is paramount to truly learning and knowing one's body.

Above all, Aryan emphasizes a holistic approach to health and wellness, encouraging clients to (1) make incremental changes in all facets of their lives, and (2) focus on healthy habits that are realistic and sustainable. Whether it be weight loss, strength/mass gain, sport-specific training, or the simple desire to feel better and more energized throughout the day, Aryan will work with you to not only achieve your goals, but to also develop the mindset and conceptual understanding necessary to enable consistent, continued progress.

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